DFM & N-in-1

As a supplier for customer specific precision parts and electro-mechanical assemblies, it is KeyTec’s goal to not only provide feedback on the commercial side of a request for quotation. Included with a quotation customers are provided with a DFM study concerning feasibility remarks in relation to material, design, tolerances and manufacturability of the metal, plastic or combined part. Especially for this last category of parts it is important to review the total stack of tolerances and critical design aspects and requirements in relation to the process steps.

Already in this phase, we will, if applicable, try to surprise the customer with an “N-in-1” proposal, where we combine different technologies to achieve a better result than what could be expected based on the standard exertion of existing technologies. In such a way, we can identify if there is a breakthrough technology approach possible.

After a successful first quotation the customer is contacted to schedule a meeting, in the most efficient and demanded form, with the product designer(s) to discuss the primary feasibility study in more detail also sharing the planned method of manufacturing and quality details. This meeting results in the mutual understanding of product function, method of manufacturing, optimized costs, critical tolerances and specifications and the challenges KeyTec’s engineering faces when implementing the part in a production tool and process. This is what we mean with “We industrialize your idea”.