Injection Moulding

With the use of precision moulding tools operated on our premium brand moulding machines varying from 25 up to 650 Tons clamping force, KeyTec produces plastic parts. Well defined customer specific product designs are adopted and converted into stable processes resulting in high quality parts for industrial, electronic, automotive and medical applications.

To support the specific requirements of the various applications, a wide range of plastics is processed at KeyTec, such as: PA, PPS, ABS, POM, PBT, PC, PPO, TPE, SEBS, but also LCP’s, PEEK, HSG and other specific thermal, electrical conductive and shielding polymers. The addition of additives gives these plastics specific properties such as: protection against UV light, flame retardant (UL94 ..) and (antibacterial) medical grades. KeyTec is very experienced using high content percentage, (long) glass fibre filled material to achieve and overcome metal-like strength in its parts at much lower costs then aluminium diecast and CNC grinding.

Besides mono-moulding, KeyTec also uses extensive 2K, 3K, 1K+1K moulding. Medical and cosmetic parts are moulded under cleanroom conditions. 

Please find more about our injection moulding products in our solutions.