Tool Making

KeyTec Suzhou has its own in-house 24 hrs toolshop, not just to repair and maintain the tools, but also to manufacture its own dies, moulds and tool parts. We have state of the art machining equipment (Spark Erosion, Wirecutting, Milling, Grinding, Lathing, Drilling).

Our tool design team for metal and for plastic is leading the development from the first DFM to the moldflows, risk analysis and optimization until PPAP is successfully reached. Together with our process engineers, alternative solutions are suggested and tested to find the optimum choice for your quality and price and our efficiency and reliability. Here we come with breakthrough solutions like 2K overmolding, ultrasonic welding to connect electrics, in-die screw insertion by pressurized air etc.

We have a lot of experience in single die, progressive dies, ultrathin metal stamping and injection moulding, 2K stamping and 2K moulding tools, decorative mould inserts, hot runner systems, texture inserts etc.