KeyTec Ceske Budejovice operates 40 metal stamping presses with tonnages from 32 to 630 tons. We are processing sheet metal with a thicknesses of 0,3 to 8 millimeters. Our presses are from the world's leading manufacturing brands - Aida, Müller, EBU, Kaiser and Schuler.

We are using both mechanical eccentric presses and servo presses.

Most presses are equipped with a decoiler and straightening device, which allows the presses to be used for progressive stamping - the material is processed from a coil in automatic mode.

The progressive tools used in KeyTec contain 1 to 25 steps, in each step a cut or a shape is pressed into the strip. The final step is to cut loose the final part.

Besides the progressive presses KeyTec is equipped with standalone presses (without decoiler and straightener), where  metal  in sheet form is processed (instead of a coil).

Some presses are specifically equipped to process high-tensile and ultra-high tensile steel materials.

Progressive and other tools are designed by KeyTec. We cooperate and subcontract tool making to specialized external tool shops. Up to date, we have made more than 2000 tools in this way. KeyTec handles tool weighing 80 to 7500 kg. Preventive maintenance and repair of tools is done in house. The tool lifetime is usually more than a million pieces.