The electronics industry emerged in the 20th century. Electronic components and devices are present in all kinds of applications around us, from a simple power supply to a highly sophisticated computer system.

The core of the electronics is formed by the electronic components, semiconductors and integrated circuits. These components perform the thinking of the electronic devices, but without the arms and legs these components don’t create “living” devices.

Where it comes to the arms and legs of the electronic devices, these parts are called the mechatronic components. From its Philips origin, this is the field KeyTec is familiar with, producing a variety of electronics supporting components like terminals, lead frames, power distributing busbars, heatsinks, springs but also housings, buttons, etc.

Also where it comes to the integration of the customer’s electronics into the devices, the assembly is done as well, from a single step to the complete assembly and ready for an end-customer product.

In the solutions area you can find different examples of products supplied to the electronics industry.