Engineering & Prototyping


In principle KeyTec is a build to print supplier of customer specific parts and (sub-)assemblies of parts Nevertheless the customers appreciate the experience and wide range of know how resulting in the request to contribute to their product design in an early stage of concept.

As a result of this close cooperation, the end result of a product is optimized not only for its function and application, also the production and assembly techniques and chosen principles are optimized in an early design stage resulting in stable production and assembly and not in the last place optimized costs.


Customers are more and more demanding to have a visual or mechanical prototype of their product. This fulfils the need to examine if the supplier is capable of producing and/or engineering a part and the specific required specifications. Often customers also use the prototyping phase to judge if the design will fit in the expectations of functionality and usability.

As part of the engineering process, the deliverable of the different phases is not just a set of drawings and specifications. Especially to shorten the time to market and supported by the agile scrum approach of projects, the demand for samples and prototypes is more relevant than ever.

KeyTec supports its customers in the prototyping phase with extensive knowledge of usable materials and is able to support by the realization of prototypes. This is both done as in house activity as well as with the support of long-term  partners around the globe.