Insert Moulding

Having a lot of in-house metal stamping, KeyTec is specialized in insert moulding or overmoulding. This overmoulding can be done with a range of metal inserts. For example machined parts or stamped parts like metal lead frames, connector pins, bolts etc.

We offer processes in smaller series with manual insertion or positioning of metal parts up to fully automated process with a reel to reel process or dedicated robot positioning of inserts into the mould.

Examples are compression limiters, threads, bolts, nuts, but also metal plates to add mechanical functionality to the plastic part and reduce the requirements for the plastic material. Besides that in specific cases where electrical power distribution in combination with isolation is used, the use of copper alloy materials in different shapes and with or without press in elements has become more common.

Key to good quality with this technology and value for money for our customer is our extensive knowhow in necessary tolerances and structure of the metal insert parts, detailed tooling and process know how and choice of the right insert moulding technology. All under one roof at KeyTec.

Please find more about our insert moulding products in our solutions.