Stamping / Bending

With a broad range of different stamping presses (from 10 up to 250 Ton), both excenter and hydraulic, KeyTec offers high and low volume parts made by metal (flat) stamping, bending and forming/deepdrawing.

From standard steeltypes, stainless steel and spring steel grades to very special alloys, like Copper, Brass, Kovar, Molybdenum with or without plating. These materials can be processed in a thickness range of 0,1 up to 5 mm in tolerances up to +/- 0,01 mm.

Small series – special products

The small series – special products activity offers our customers the possibility to realize low volume, complex, multi-step, advanced metals based products. A well defined combination of engineering,  craftmanship, precise tooling leads to the realization of very specific products made in one of more stamping, bending, deep drawing steps, with or without in between and/or final special treatments like heat and surface treatment.

With the aligned in house machining activity, both conventional as well as CNC, very narrow tolerances can be achieved.

Where special in general means expensive, based on our expertise, KeyTec can offer these special parts at a reasonable cost, using the single stage tools and where possible take steps from its wide range of standard stamping and forming tools, resulting in a reasonable total cost of ownership.

These special products are often made of specific advanced metals, like Kovar, Fernico, Titanium, pure and oxygen free copper. Even the specific Molybdenum material, often used in high heat applications, is familiar for KeyTec.

Please find more about our small series products in our solutions.

Progression tooling

For medium and high volume stamping parts, KeyTec implements a production process based on progression tools. A progression tool consists of a breakdown of the different steps to create a part in high volume and with a constant precision.

These progression tools contain all operations for flat stamping, bending, forming and deep drawing are operated on our variety of excenter presses, starting with 25 up to 250 Ton stamping force.

Related to the complexity of the part, the volume per year and the lifetime, a tool is constructed under supervision of KeyTec and build with respective partners in both Europe and Asia. With the tool construction, both product quality and total cost of ownership is considered. The tool design is considered and for example depending on the expected lifetime tungsten steel inserts and/or coatings are implemented. This results in optimized investment for our customers.

For specific high volume parts a dedicated vision inspection can be implemented.

Please find more about our Progression tooling products in our solutions.

Bihler equipment

With high volumes and complex shapes of metal parts, Bihler bending machines with multiple bending and forming steps and/or with integrated operations can be considered.

With a Bihler process it is possible to convert the raw material strip material into a part by cutting, bending, forming but also assembly, welding, thread forming and screw insertion, resulting in a one station integrated part manufacturing unit.

The advantage of Bihler equipment is that tooling is modular, meaning easy implementation of a re-design or implementing additional features. When the tools are setup, the Bihler unit can run in a very reliable and high speed modus, resulting in high quality and cost effective parts for many years to last.

Please find more about our Bihler products in our solutions.