Assembly & Post processing

Based on strongly rooted skills in mechanical parts (plastic and metal), KeyTec has extended its service potential to the customer by taking over the responsibility to complete a part with additional manufacturing steps, to provide a sub assembly or even full end product assembly.

By combining our knowledge of mechanics, C parts as bolts, nuts and other mounting parts, various assembly and interconnection techniques, packaging and logistics, KeyTec provides you with solutions that work for all your design, development and production needs, thereby constructing the bridge between your idea and your brand.

Surface finishing and treatment

In house and with partners, different types of surface and edge finish can be provided, deburring by tumbling, rotary finish for deburring and surface smoothening and degreasing of the surface.

With a large network of subcontractors for heat- and surface treatment of metal and plastic components e.g. Zn-plating, Ni-plating, Sn-plating, etc, in bulk or on reel, partial or entirely, anodization, etching, electrolytical polishing, chemical vapor deposition, lacquering,  KTL painting, tampon printing, laser engraving etc. Complete products can also be sterilized (gamma sterilisation).

All managed by KeyTec, resulting in one contact for the complete part.

Additional processing

As a supplier of metal and plastic components, KeyTec also combines these parts in assemblies, either with or without other electronical of mechanical components.

For this task, KeyTec provides the option to setup a supply chain and process with individual assembly steps of various techniques. For example:

  • Manual and automatic insertion of press in elements like nuts and studs in metal and copper sheet metal parts.
  • Mechanical and hot insertion of compression limiters and thread elements in plastics.
  • In die thread.

Assembly of components

But also a combination of customer specific supplied components like mechanical and electrical parts (pcb’s, connectors, etc.), where KeyTec implements a range of assembly competences, like:

  • Soldering
  • Crimping
  • Screwing
  • Ultrasonic welding of plastic components
  • Riveting
  • Mechanical and hot insertion of elements
  • Corona treatment for surface activation
  • Gluing

See the Solutions for examples of multi-technology parts.

Manuell und automatisiert

As the series volume requirements differ per type of product, the additive (additional) processing and assembly steps are implemented in the production process both manual as well as (semi-) automated. This to keep the investments in line with the requested volume of parts. Also where the volumes increase, e.g. like ramp up or when a product is successful adopted by the market, the level of automation is adapted to the demand. This results in an acceptable level of investment in the initial development phase of a product turning into a well given part price when the demand increases.