Oilfilter heating plate

Clean stamping

This heating plate is not particularly used as heatsink but works in the specific application the other way around. It is used in specific oil filters housings to pre-heat the oil for better lubrication of the engine, especially for cars used in the northern areas with very low temperatures.

This specific application of a pair of heating sheets, with thermoelements in between, means that not only shape and tolerances must be respected, the curl for power connection must be perfect, but parts should also be totally free of residues that interfere with the functionality of the part. Thus a process flow and packaging solution had to be chosen to prevent particles to stick to these parts.

Special designed plastic trays are developed for clean handling of the parts as well as for the stacked loading of the automatic assembly at our customer. With the trays in the KLT boxes, the parts flow immediately from KeyTec supply to the customers production line.

In all kinds of especially electronics and automotive applications, specific measures have to be taken to withdraw heat from certain vulnerable areas. These so called heatsinks can be made by diecasting, but this is a relatively expensive option. KeyTec offers cost effective solutions based on stamped heatsinks in primarily aluminium but sometimes also in brass or other copper containing materials. Shape, flatness, cleanliness, surface quality (black anodized?) and material grade/alloy are important to get to the right solution and KeyTec helps to industrialize your idea.

  • Shape
  • Contact surface
  • Additional surface treatment (black / anodization)
  • Aluminium alloy