Streetlight spring

Precision stamping

Integrate all functionality in one component, thereby achieving a very easy assembly and keeping parts together without screwing. This spring joins encasing with a transparent cover in a LED based streetlight armature without using screws and meanwhile keeping pressure on PCB’s to a heatsink. Smart tooldesign and good process control are coming together to get this tight tolerated part with some difficult bendings done.

Detailed picture from the other side of the product.

Why KeyTec is succesful in springs

Springs are used in numerous applications and in a lot of different functions, either static or dynamic. The springs we manufacture can be used just for ease of fixation, good dynamic properties (i.e. special attention edges of the springs), combination of spring function and electrical contact etc. As such our springs are used in automotive applications (i.e. LED lights, camera’s,  bezels, EMI shields etc), in medical applications (sensors) and in house and building applications (power distribution, lighting armatures).

KeyTec has extensive know how on the achievable tolerances for these stamped springs in all kinds of different materials. Especially in applications with a dynamic functionality we are able to provide options with specific requirements on part edges. We start with a close cooperation in the engineering phase with DFM and supply of prototypes. We have different ways to make these stamped springs with progression tooling, with Bihler bending machines as well as specific bending machines for really small springs.