Bending, partial plating, overmoulding

Every part has the optimum manufacturing process dependant upon part design but also project volume. A perfect example is this terminal! This part combines delicate bended terminals with partial plating and a small overmoulded area. Furthermore the project volume did not allow for a high content of mechanisation.

Appropriate tooling for flat stamping, bending and overmoulding together combined with the right process flow to handle these delicate parts made it happen to make this terminal in the right way for this automotive application. Another good example of “we industrialize your idea”.

Reel to mould

Medium to larger volumes overmoulded electrical contacts at a reasonable price in high precision quality. This integrated request KeyTec can fulfil with its in house competence of precision stamping coil material to reel lead frames , partial reel to teel plating (tin, silver, etc.) and implementation of a process where parts from reel are multiple cavity overmoulded.

Not only small copper structures can be stamped and overmoulded, also larger connector components and even a bobbin for coil can be moulded on small contacts.

For the realization of these specific parts, KeyTec does not stop by the stamping and bending in the presses, also bending as step before of even in the mould are techniques that are familiar and in use.