Insight into our assembly and post processing services

KeyTec holds extensive knowledge and skills regarding plastic and metal mechanical parts. We have therefore decided to extend our service potential by taking over the responsibility to complete a mechanical part with additional manufacturing steps. In short, this means that KeyTec is able to provide a sub-assembly or an end-product assembly to the customer. In this blog we will provide more insight into all our services.

Surface finishing and treatment
In collaboration with our partners, KeyTec provides different types of surfaces and edge finishes to our customers. Examples are deburring by tumbling, rotary finish for deburring, and surface smoothening and degreasing. KeyTec has and extensive network of partners that help us offer the best service to our customers. We have subcontractors specialized in various different types of treatments, to help reach our goals. However, the whole process remains managed by KeyTec, which results in one contact throughout the process. A nice and clear way of working.

Additional processing
As a supplier of metal and plastic components, KeyTec also combines these parts in assemblies, either with or without other electronical or mechanical components. For this task, KeyTec provides the option to setup a supply chain and process with individual assembly steps of various techniques. For example:

  • Manual and automatic insertion of press in elements like nuts and studs in metal and copper sheet metal parts
  • Mechanical and hot insertion of compression limiters and thread elements in plastics
  • In die thread

Assembly of components
At KeyTec we also offer service regarding a combination of customer specific supplied components like mechanical and electrical parts where KeyTec implements a range of assembly competences. Check our website to see the full scope of our competences.

Manual and automated
As the series volume requirements differ per type of product, the additional processing and assembly steps are implemented in the production process both manual as well as automated. This is done to keep the investments in line with the requested volume of parts. Whenever the volume demands increase, the level of automation is adapted to the demand. This results in an acceptable level of investment in the initial development phase of a product turning into a well given part price when the demand increases.

More information?
KeyTec provides you with solutions that work for all your design, development and production needs, thereby constructing the bridge between your idea and your brand. Are you interested to find out more about our services? Please click here to read more information or to get in touch with us.